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Trey Bracamonte

Photographer, Videographer & DJ

Sole Proprietor & Founder

Gamer, Programmer, DJ, Producer, Photographer, Videographer, Tech savvy guy who loves EDM. Trey decided to take some of his most loved hobbies and turn them into a business; Omega Media.

About Omega Media

Omega Media is a service providing company based in Boise, Idaho, USA. Offering Photography, Videography and DJing services. Founded in 2018 by Trey Bracamonte with the hopes of one day being able to work for himself while doing something he loved. Trey started this business at the age of 18, working 2 jobs to keep bills paid and the business running. If you believe in yourself you’ll be unstoppable. Our goal is to show people they can reach their goals, and help them get there.

The DJ services is somewhat particular, working mostly around the EDM genre however unlike almost all the other DJs in Idaho, Omega Media DJs actually mix the music and make mashups live. We don’t just play a playlist as its something we don’t believe should be charged for. Anyone can pull up a playlist and press play, not everyone can mix or do mashups live. This is a service we pride ourselves most in.

Our photography services can be utilized by anyone or anything. We can take photos of your pets, new born baby(or babies), yourself or a friend. Each photoshoot comes with a few free touch-ups as part of the service however more can be purchased at an extra fee at ANY time. Yes even 5 months after your shoot you can purchase touch-ups for it. Just make sure you keep the photos on hand, as you will be given every photo from the shoot + the touched-up ones (which you select).

Want to throw a great party? Cool we have the perfect DJs for you. Want to look like a model in a photo? We have a great photographer ready for a photoshoot with you. Want to do a music video? Our videographer is more than happy to help. All of our services can be tailored specifically to your needs.